Past TCDA Conventions

The first two TCDA Conventions were held in Dallas, and all Conventions since have been held in San Antonio. Following is a recap of each Convention since 1955. This information was taken from Convention Programs and other archival references in the TCDA offices in Austin. Special thanks to former TCDA Executive Secretary J Marvin Pollard for gathering information from TCDA’s early years.

If you have any additional information that would make this TCDA Convention history more complete, please contact TCDA.

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2010 • 55th Annual Convention & New Music Reading Clinic


President, Amy Allibon

Past President, Bob Horton

College VP, John Silantien 

HS VP, Sharon Paul

MS/JH VP, Dianna L Jarvis

Elementary VP, Karen Gonzalez

Church VP, Thomas Coker 

Secretary/Treasurer, Kay Owens

Executive Director, Dan L Wood

Session Conductors

Jason Brown, MS/JH Boys

Rollo Dilworth, El Honor Choir

Tim Lyles, Sacred General

Michael Lysinger, HS SATB 

Candy McComb, Advanced JH/HS Training

Diane Owen, Unison/SA

Denise Pitcock, Pop/Jazz

Milton Pullen, Advanced HS/Col 

Lora Robison, Sacred Unison/2-Part

Lahonda Sharp, Sacred Advanced

Gloria Stephens, Pop/Jazz

Joe Weir, TMEA All-State

Michelle Willey, MS/JH Treble

Student Conductors

Heather Blount, UT-San Antonio
, Jesse Cannon, Dallas Baptist University, 
Christin de la Cruz, Texas State University
, Joel Duarte, Wayland Baptist University
, Amanda DuPriest, Texas Wesleyan University
, Dyandra Edwards, UT-Brownsville, Heather A Eldridge, Texas Woman's University, 
Jimmy Garret, UT-San Antonio, Kristina Gentry, Prairie View A&M University, 
Christopher Jorns, Texas Tech University
, Jacklyn Kuklenz, Sam Houston State University
, Daniel Montgomery, Texas A&M Commerce, 
Caitlin Montgomery, University of Houston
, Brandon Nase, University of North Texas, 
Kaylan Sikkil, Southern Methodist University
, Nicole Stewart, Stephen F Austin University
, Brittany Tucker, Baylor University, 
Amaris Walters, Del Mar University


Donald Bailey, Col/Cm, Facing the Orchestra

Shawn Bell, HS, America's Top Ten — Tried & Proven Literature

Tammy Benton, MS/JH, Tried & Proven Literature

Richard Bjella, Col/Cm, Conducting Masterclass

Ann Burbridge, EL, Singing Immersion: Register, Pitch Etching, Tuning, and Artistry 

Christina Chapman, MS/JH, MS Boys — 8th Wonder of the World!

Rollo Dilworth, EL, Choral Rehearsal Techniques; Choir Builders for Growing Voices

Denise Eaton, HS, CSI Choir!

Billy Ferguson, EL, Teaching Music Through Children's Literature

David Frego, Col/Cm, Dalcroze for Conductors

Lynn Gackle, Adolescent Female Voice — Classification of Changing Voice
Kari Gilbertson, MS/JH, Changing Approaches in a Changing Choral World
Michael Hawn, Ch, Expanding the Dynamic of Congregational Singing; Singing Beyond the Score

Jodie Johnson, EL, Best Ideas I Ever Stole

Jan Lancaster, EL, Best Ideas I Ever Stole

Jerry McCoy, Col/Cm, Conducting Masterclass

Darla Meek, EL, Movement With Masterworks

Colleen Norton, EL, Singing & Signing

Heather Orr, HS, Law & Order: Sight Reading Victims Unit

Troy Peters, Col/Cm, Facing the Orchestra

Joel Price, MS/JH, Tried & Proven Literature

Marsha Robinson, HS, DIY (Do It Yourself)

John Rutter, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants; The Music of John Rutter

Jo Scurlock-Dillard, HS, America's Top Ten — Tried & Proven Literature; 
HS Student Day: So You Want to Be an All-Stater 

Neena Taylor, HS, DIY (Do It Yourself)

Mike Ware, HS, America's Top Ten — Tried & Proven Literature


Jeanna Baibos
, Carl Braden, 
Robin Brockway-Nichols, 
Cammy Burkhalter
, Jennifer Franz Melady
, Wendy Jenkins
, Katherine Johnson, 
Sherrie McMahon, 
Debra Morton
, Janet Pummill, 
Laura Taylor

2010 TCDA Commissioned Work

Born In a Symphony, Judith Herrington
With heart and hands, John Rutter 

Performing Groups

Foundry United Methodist Church Choir - Betty Devine, conductor

San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble - Christopher Moroney, artistic director

TCDA EL Honor Choir 2010 - Rollo Dilworth, conductor
Texas Voices - Alan Dyer, conductor

2010 TCDA Scholarship Recipients

TCDA/Cloys Webb Scholarship, Aaron Carter-Cohn, UTSA

TCDA/Gandy Ink Scholarship, Jacklynn Turner, Texas Tech

TCDA/William Gorham Scholarship, Richard Vandertulip, Baylor

TCDA Past Presidents' Scholarship, Claire Daniels, UT Austin

TCDA General Scholarship, Jacklyn Kuklenz

TCDA/Elizabeth Volk Scholarship, Chris Jorns, Texas Tech
TCDA/Abbott-IPCO Professional Scholarship, Eric Posada

TCDA/Jim & Glenda Casey Professional Scholarship, Katherine Martin

2010 TCDA Awards

Texas Choirmaster Award:
 Milton Pullen
Texas Choral Excellence Award:
 Linda Ice
Distinguished Young Director Award:
 Clorese Porter-Gray, Newmann Smith HS, Carrollton-Farmers Branch
, Kyle Zeuch, Rivera HS, Brownsville
Lest We Forget Honoree:
 Cloys Webb

2010 Special Events

Convention Headliners —
John Rutter, clinician
, Lynn Gackle, clinician

Rollo Dilworth, 2010 EL Honor Choir Conductor 

Judith Herrington, Commissioned Work

John Rutter, New Work for TCDA

BBQ Entertainment

Greater Tuna's Jaston Williams

Sponsored by Pepper of Dallas/Fort Worth

2011 - 56th Annual Convention and New Music Reading Clinic


President, Amy Allibon

Past President, Bob Horton

College VP, Pam Elrod 

HS VP, Sharon Paul

MS/JH VP, Dianna L Jarvis

Elementary VP, Phyllis King

Church VP, Greg Shapley 

Secretary/Treasurer, Kay Owens

Executive Director, Dan L Wood

Session Conductors

Craig Griffith, MS/JH Boys

Sandra Snow, MS/JH Honor Choir

Taylor Davis, Sacred General

Terry Barrier, HS SATB 

Sandy Shelley, Advanced JH/HS Training

Karen Herrera, Unison/SA

Debra Stevens, Pop/Jazz

Alan Raines, Advanced HS/Col 

Nona Schwab, Sacred Unison/2-Part
Mike Ware, Sacred Advanced

Gloria Stephens, Pop/Jazz

Janwin Overstreet-Goode, TMEA All-State

Mica Kolb-Bull, MS/JH Treble
Cynthia Douglas, Holiday/Seasonal


Student Conductors

Kayla Bender, Colton Blake, Ruben Castanuela, Caitlin Cundiff, Ashley Johnson, Clint Kimmel, Keith LaLonde, Aaron Lucero, Carly Marshall, Kristen Miller, Lance Newman, Samuel Parrott, Kristopher Pickle, Megan Pitcock, Cruz Sanchez, Mary Ann Thompson, Gunnar Tietge, Adam Visconti


Julie Ann Allen Vicki Baker Deborah Carney Barrick

Dennis Boyter

Dianne Brumley Stephen Carrell
Chris Cook Sid Davis Tracy DePue
Danny Detrick Virginia Dupuy Paula Edwards
Laura Farnell Billy Ferguson Ryan Forkner
John Gillian Beth Gove Frode Gundersen
Greg Hobbs Cecile Johnson Craig Hella Johnson
Brenda Keen Rachel Keen Michael Lightfoot
Cyndie Lowry Candy McComb Marguerite McCormick
Darla Meek Katelyn Farris Morgan Donald Neuen
Carisa Niemeyer Terry Price Jonathan Reed
Julie Romeo Florence Scattergood Sally Schott
Julie Scott Lahonda Sharp John Silantien
Sandra Snow Robert Stovall Leslie Tanner
Carolyn Terrell Toni Ugolini Brittany Wooten
Debi Wooten    


Jeanna Baibos, Debby Barkey, Jimmy Baas, Bob Brewer, Sid Davis, Carla Gaylor, Peggy Graff, Katherine Johnson, Patricia Neighbors, Marsha Robinson, Jennifer Zaccagni, Kathryn Zetterstrom

2011 TCDA Commissioned Work

Show Down, by Dan Davison
we are, by Craig Hella Johnson

Performing Groups

First Baptist Church Chamber Singers, conducted by Stephen T. Carrell
The House Jacks
Schola Cantorum, conducted by Dr. Jerry McCoy
Bay Area Women's Chorus, conducted by Keith Dixon

Scholarship Recipients

TCDA/Cloys Webb Scholarship, Debra Seitter, Baylor

TCDA/Gandy Ink Scholarship, Matthew Perez, Lamar University

TCDA/William Gorham Scholarship, Rita Outtrim, University of North Texas

TCDA/Carroll Barnes Scholarship, Jonathan Pilgrim, Baylor
TCDA/Jackie Cocke Scholarship, Elizabeth Bongat, Texas State
TCDA Past Presidents' Scholarship, Angela Rosenblatt, University of North Texas
TCDA General Scholarship, Mary Anne Thompson, SMU
TCDA General Scholarship, Justin West, Lamar University
TCDA General Scholarship, Aaron Lucero, Texas Tech
TCDA General Scholarship, Lauren Knebel, Baylor
TCDA General Scholarship, Clinton Kimmel, Baylor
TCDA/Elizabeth Volk Scholarship, Elizabeth Dixon Mayer, Texas Woman's
TCDA/Abbott-IPCO Professional Scholarship, Colleen Petty, Midway ISD

TCDA/Jim & Glenda Casey Professional Scholarship, Matthew Carey, Texas Tech


2010 TCDA Awards

Young Director of Distinction - Jeffrey Delman, Conroe HS Director and Katherine Johnson, Cypress HS Director

Choral Excellence Award:
Dianne Brumley, Adjunct Professor and Director of Choral Activities, UT Brownsville
Jan Juneau, Klein Collins HS, Spring
Michael O'Hern, Lake Highlands HS, Richardson
Jo Scurlock-Dillard, Retired

BBQ Entertainment

The House Jacks


2012 - 57th Annual Convention and New Music Reading Clinic



President, Jeff Rice

Past President, Amy Allibon
College VP, Pam Elrod 

HS VP, Mark Rohwer
MS/JH VP, Kari Gilbertson
Elementary VP, Phyllis King

Church VP, Greg Shapley 

Secretary/Treasurer, Karen Gonzalez

Executive Director, Sharon Lutz


July 23-26, 2012 • Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas


Available Handouts for workshops are available as a link below.


Monday, July 23, 2012
College Student Welcome Meeting part 1; part 2 - F Scattergood


Tuesday, July 24, 2012
W1: Col/Cm - Conducting Masterclass - B Cook Weber
W2: HS – Being a 3A Director in a 5A World - B Green, M Matlock, J Sneed
W3: Ch - Music for Worship Beyond the Traditional - R Bradley
W4: El - The Right Start: Tips & Tricks for the Beginning Choir - H Klossner
W5: Col/Cm – What Do You Think You’re Doing? - S Allen
W6: MS/JH — Tried and Proven - B Shirah, D Moses, D Barrick
W7: Ch – A Child Shall Lead, Energetic Ideas for Children’s Ministry - T Preskitt-Brown, N Schwab
W8: El — Classroom Collections, part 1; part 2- P Moreno, L Roebuck
W9: Col/Cm — Hearing the Call to Be Artist/Teacher Part 1: Remembering Who You Are - C H Johnson
W10: Ch - Empower the Youth - S Davis
W11: MS/JH – Girls! Can’t Teach With Them; Can’t Teach Without Them!, handout 1, handout 2- J Price, T Jennings


Wednesday, July 25, 2012
W12: El — Structure of Singing Schools in Hungary - L Duranik
W13: Col/Cm — Choirs are from Mars; Orchestras are from Venus - M Barley
W14: MS/JH — A Place in the Choir- C Horton
W15: HS — iWhat? Smartphone Technology for the Choir Director - J Dove
W16: Ch – From Memory to Imagination - K Medema
W17: Ch – From Classroom to Choir Loft - N Boltz, R Jordan
W18: El – Rote Learning + Note Reading = Part Singing - M Chandler
W19: Col/Cm –Hearing the Call to Be Artist/Teacher Part 2: Leading And Listening - C H Johnson
W20: MS/JH – Smartboard Technology - D Blythe-McGinnis, L Weidel
W21: El – Composing for the Choir - M Goetze
W22: HS – Follow the Leaders: Allowing Leadership to Develop Amongst Your Singers, part 1; part 2 - D Wilson


Thursday, July 26, 2012
W23: El – Conductor’s Corner - C Nott
W24: Ch – Building A Contemporary Service from the Ground Up - D Angerman
W25: El – Choral Octavos for Elementary Singers - S Malone
W26: MS/JH – A Teaching Master Class - L Ice
W27: HS – Tried and Proven - J Rice, D Wilson, C Hefner
W28: Col/Cm – Hearing the Call to Be Artist/Teacher Part 3 - C H Johnson