Award & Scholarship Recipients

2020 Award Recipients


Texas Choirmaster Award

This award is reserved for a TCDA member with clearly superior choral conducting and musicianship skill with many years of performance success.  Nominations are made by the TCDA Board.  This award is not necessarily awarded each year.  There were no recipients for 2020.


Choral Excellence Award

This award is based on the recipient’s contributions to choral music in Texas, mentorship and inspiration to colleagues and students, and continued advocacy for the future of choral singing.  Nominations made by TCDA members.


2020 Recipients

Nick Boltz


Austin, TX


Kay Owens

Director, Martin HS

Arlington, TX


Cathy Wafford


Katy, TX



Young Director of Distinction Award

This award recognizes TCDA choral directors who have taught for seven years or less and achieved exceptional success in those years.  Nominations made by TCDA members. 

2020 Recipients

Saleel Menon

Fort Bend ISD

Houston, TX


Gerald Nicholas

Killeen ISD

Killeen, TX

Jackson Hill

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts

Fort Worth, TX


TCDA Service Award

Not awarded every year, this select award is reserved for unusual or unique service to TCDA. Nominations are made by the TCDA Board.


2020 Scholarship Recipients


Undergraduate Scholarship Winners

  • Cloys Webb Scholarship ($1000) & TCDA General Fund ($500) - Armando Fuerte, Texas Tech University
  • Past Presidents Scholarship ($1000) & TCDA General Fund ($500) - Ivan Rodriguez, Texas State University
  • Jackie Cocke Scholarship ($1000) & TCDA General Fund ($500) - Emily Zenkner, University of Houston
  • James Matheny Scholarhip ($1000) & TCDA General Fund ($500) - Ricky Carr, Dallas Baptist University
  • Mary Ann & Art Winden Scholarship ($4000) - Jeremy Brown, Texas Tech University
  • General Scholarship ($1500) - John DuBois, Texas Christian University
  • General Scholarship ($1500) - Hannah Hatfield, Dallas Baptist University
  • William Gorham Scholarship ($1,000) & TCDA General Scholarship ($500) - Gabrielle McCullough, University of Houston


Professional Scholarship Winners

  • Jim and Glenda Casey Scholarship ($1000) - Wesley Davis
  • Abbott IPCO Scholarship ($1000)  - Kimberley Ahrens
  • Gandy Ink Scholarship ($1000) - Haley Carbonero

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