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May 13, 2020

From Southwest Music Summer Exhibition (TBA, TCDA, TODA Conventions)


After thoughtful and careful consideration, TBA, TCDA, and TODA have determined, based on the current COVID-19 environment, that it is necessary to transition this summer’s in-person summer conventions to virtual conventions.  The safety and health of our members and their families, school children, guest clinicians and performers, exhibitors, staff, and other convention attendees is, and will be, our number one priority.  

This has been a painful decision. After evaluating the impact of the current restrictions, we have determined that having virtual conventions is the right thing to do. It is also our ethical and moral responsibility to not go forward with a physical convention. Even if the governmental authorities later ease restrictions to allow convention gatherings, which we do not expect to occur, we believe the expected interactions among our teachers, students, exhibitors, staff and others, combined with the live performances that take place in San Antonio, would place our attendees at undue risk. 

As a result of this decision each association will have its own virtual convention providing educational, professional development and commerce opportunities that all our respective members have come to expect from our annual, in-person convention.

We value your partnership as Business Members and Exhibitors.  Your support has allowed our associations to remain strong throughout the years.  During these unprecedented times, many businesses are experiencing financial challenges including our own associations.  We have developed opportunities for you to support our associations through participation in virtual exhibit halls as well as sponsorships.  You will be able to apply a portion of your deposits toward a virtual exhibit hall or request refunds.

If you have reserved hotel rooms through our online reservation system (Orchid Events), they will cancel your reservation and not charge a cancellation fee.  You will receive a confirmation email.  Please do not contact Orchid directly.

We appreciate your patience and continued support of our associations as we transition to virtual conventions.  We are committed to helping you reach your customers and value your partnership as we work together to support music education.