2017 - 2018 TCDA Board of Directors

October 2017                                             Choral Notes

Volume 36
Fall 2017

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  1. TCDA and YOU!, by Jason Dove, High School Vice President
  2. Ongoing Hurricane Relief Efforts

 TCDA and YOU!, by Jason Dove, High School Vice President

To steal from a great president, I pose a statement for you to think about.  "Ask not what TCDA can do for you, but what YOU can do for TCDA?" We are as relevant today as a professional organization as we were during our early years as an organization, despite changing times. It is on each of us for TCDA to meet its potential. Each year I see familiar faces and new ones. Each year I also find myself looking for a friend that is nowhere to be found. I know that many have felt a need to "get more out of TCDA", but can each of us put more into TCDA?  If a reading session doesn't have the piece(s) you are looking for, maybe the person sitting next to you just found the "coolest piece ever". Society seems to be separating us so much through technology usage that I dare say we sometimes look and act like our students buried in our phones on facebook, instagram, or snapchat (I am just as guilty). I encourage you to take time to enjoy the playground of social interaction in the choral neighborhood of the TCDA Convention. Be brave. Meet new directors. Share knowledge. Make the most of any situation you encounter to get the most bang for your buck while you are at TCDA. I challenge each TCDA member to find a colleague missing from our convention. Encourage them to "come out and play" and be a part of our choral neighborhood. If you have ideas on ways for us to offer a better convention for your division, share those thoughts with your divisional Vice President. (All board members are listed at the bottom of this page.)  In the summer of 2018, TCDA members will continue the rich tradition of mentorship, networking, sight reading new music and attending sessions to enrich their teaching, all for the benefit of the students we serve in Texas. Mark your calendars now for July 26-28, 2018.  I hope to see you there.

Need some new Tunes for your playlist?

The TCDA board would like to share some of their favorites with you periodically.  This month's selection, courtesy of Jason Dove.  Thanks Jason!

Vals I Valparaiso arr. Sund - Orphei Dranger
Maid on the Shore arr. Kathleen Allen - Lady Cove Women's Choir
God Will Give Orders/Sweet Child by Sarah Quartel - Lady Cove Women's Choir
I See Thy Bridal Chambers - Alexander Grechaninov - Polyansky Russian State Symphony Cappella
For the non choral song - great message in a song about someone you love with Alzheimer's disease
I Miss Her - Jessie J


 Ongoing Hurricane Relief Efforts

Please visit the website created for needs to be submitted from affected schools and for those who would like to help, https://help.goarts.org.  The need is great and the effort to help is ongoing.

Thanks so much for all your inquiries and interest in helping our choral and music comrades in this desparate time of need!




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TCDA Board of Directors 2017 - 2018
President -  Pam Elrod Huffman, Southern Methodist University
Past President - Kari Gilbertson, Richardson ISD
Vice President, HS - Jason Dove, Deer Park ISD
Vice President, MS/JH - Christina Chapman, Lovejoy ISD
Vice President, Elem - Debra Johnson, Belton ISD
Vice President, College/Community - Carolyn Cruse, Texas Tech University
Vice President, Church - Dan Baker, First Baptist Church Amarillo
Secretary/Treasurer - Carisa Niemeyer, Richardson ISD

Executive Director - Sharon Lutz
Member Services Coordinator - Hallie Boone

Texas Choral Directors Association
7900 Centre Park Drive, Suite A
Austin, TX  78754