Choral Notes

October 5, 2014

Volume 1
Fall 2014

In This Issue...                

  1. New Look
  2. Reflections, by Jeff Rice
  3. A Look at 2014 Convention

New Look

Choral Notes has a new look and focus! We have discontinued our contractual obligation with the company that had been compiling various choral-related articles that comprised Choral Notes.  Beginning with this issue, Choral Notes will be strictly TCDA-focused and intended to keep you, our members, informed.  We love hearing from you and hope you'll enjoy this "e-newsletter". Feel free to let us know what you think.

Reflections - My Experience on the TCDA Board
by Jeff Rice, Past President

As I begin my seventh year on the TCDA Board of Directors this fall, I am filled with gratitude for the many experiences and relationships that have blessed my life because of this organization.  I am thankful for the leaders who have gone before me and for those who will follow. All of you have had a hand in making me a better choral director and a better person.  While it is an elected position, serving on the TCDA Board is a voluntary labor of love.  However, the perk of rubbing shoulders with some of the most accomplished and well-known colleagues in our field is priceless. TCDA is in good hands due to the  youthful energy, talent, intelligence, and passion of many of our younger directors.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve TCDA and I will treasure all of the “lasts” of this year.

Even before the 2014 convention last July, the TCDA Board has been planning for the 60th Anniversary Convention to be held July 23-26, 2015. TCDA President Billy Talley is leading the board to create a world-class event to mark the occasion. This month the board will meet in Austin to discuss and develop these plans taking them one more step toward reality.  Thank you to those of you who submitted workshop proposals for 2015.  Although all of these proposals cannot be selected for presentation next summer, each one has been carefully considered and we hope to use as many as possible.

One of the many successes of the 2014 convention was the involvement of more of our members in presenting, conducting, accompanying, and volunteering in the convention.  By all reports (and all the head shots in the program!) that effort was a huge success!  If you are called on to participate in one of these roles in 2015 I hope you will answer with a resounding “YES”. If you are being invited to serve, it is because someone has recognized your outstanding work and generous spirit.

Please mark your calendar now for TCDA 2015!  It will be a memorable and meaningful celebration of 60 years as an organization held together by a love for choral music and each other.

Convention 2014

Just a few snapshots from the recent convention.  A good time was had by all!!


Our largest High School Student Day EVER with over 500 enthusiastic high school students & Dan Forrest!

The Ken Davis Chorale                                   The Worship Service with Loyd Hawthorne and Dan Forrest

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TCDA Board of Directors 2014 - 2015
President - Billy Talley, Amarillo ISD
Past President - Jeff Rice, Midway ISD
President Elect - Kari Gilbertson, Richardson ISD
Vice President, HS - Robin Brockway-Nichols, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
Vice President, MS/JH - Jennifer Gallagher, Alvin ISD
Vice President, Elem - Michele Hobizal, Katy ISD
Vice President, College/Community - Lynne Gackle, Baylor Univ
Vice President, Church - Josh Taylor, First Presbyterian Dallas
Secretary/Treasurer - Terry Berrier, Wylie ISD
Executive Director - Sharon Lutz

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