2015-2016 TCDA Board of Directors

November 2015                                    Choral Notes

Volume 14
Fall 2015

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  1. I've Had It Up To Here, by Billy Talley, Past President
  2. Caroling in the Caverns

 I've Had It Up To Here! by Billy Talley, Past President

During my six years on the TCDA Board, I have had the pleasure of writing many articles. I have always tried to be positive and encouraging in the things I have written. But sometimes, you just need to vent. So bear with me for a moment while I get some things off my chest!

Things I am really tired of:

-Parents who don’t pick their kids up on time. You know what I mean. Concert was over at 8:00 pm. You are waiting in the parking lot until 9:30 pm for the last parent to show up. Grrrrr.

-New technology implementation. Before I even get the last technology mastered, I am required to use the NEW thing. Give me a break! I have an Atari brain in a PlayStation world.

-Daylight Savings Time. Last night it got dark at 5:45 pm. I got sleepy. I went to bed. I woke up at 2:00 am. DST messes with my sensitive system.

-Being asked when I am going to retire. If I knew the answer to that question, I wouldn’t be waking up at 2:00 am.

-Students with a warped sense of entitlement. This is an ungrateful generation. Maybe every generation is to some extent. But it is the exception when a student says “thank you” for anything I have done for them.

-Profanity. I am tired of hearing it in the hallways. I am tired of hearing it on television and in movies. Whatever happened to common decency in the language we use? I have unfriended a number of friends and former students because of the gross profanity on their Facebook posts.

-Litter. It is a sign of a lack of education. Stupid people litter.

Whew! I feel so much better. In the interest of being fair and balanced, I would like to share some things that keep me going.

Things I will never get tired of:

-Students who love to sing.
-Watching a student’s face as their name is called at the conclusion of an audition.
-Those moments when my choir connects with each other and with their audience.
-A well-tuned chord, especially to finish a song.
-Preparing a choir for UIL performance.
-The camaraderie of the choral directors in my region and in our state.
-Christmas music.
-My grandsons.

Even with all the irritations and challenges, teaching choral music remains one of the greatest professions in our world today. Thank you for your dedication to teaching students how to sing. Thank you for showing your students how music changes and enhances their lives. And thank you for allowing me to vent!

CENTRAL TEXAS CHOIRS!!!  Natural Bridge Caverns is seeking choirs for Caroling in the Caverns this holiday season.   Performance opportunities inside the caverns are still available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from November 27th through December 20th, as well as Monday December 21st through Wednesday the 23rd.  There is no charge to participating choirs.  Interested choirs should contact Jo Posey, [email protected], or phone her at 210-651-6101, ext. 1230.

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Vice President, Elem - Michele Hobizal, Katy ISD
Vice President, College/Community - Lynne Gackle, Baylor Univ
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