2015-2016 TCDA Board of Directors

May 2016                                    Choral Notes

Volume 20
Spring 2016

In This Issue...Only 2 months until Convention!                

  1. 2016 Convention - Abbreviated Schedule!
  2. "No Time for That!" - Kari Gilbertson, President
  3. High School Student Day - Speakers for the DFW HS Student Day have been announced!
  4. 2016 Membership Renewal
  5. 2016 Festival Chorus Information
  6. VOTE - 2016 Candidates for TCDA Board of Directors
  7. Hotel Convention Housing
  8. In Memoriam

2016 Convention!

The 2016 TCDA Convention is quickly approaching!  We are so excited to share our abbreviated schedule with you to give you an idea of everything that will be happening this summer.  Visit our website here to view the schedule and pre-register for convention! 

REMEMBER - even if you are planning to bring payment with you to convention, you can STILL complete the pre-registration form online before July 1st!  On the payment screen just indicate that you will be paying later.  This saves you time when you arrive in July as you are able to get right into the pre-registrants line and submit your payment there.

"No Time for That!" by Kari Gilbertson, President

I love when it's my turn to write an article for TCDA Choral Notes.  I've tried so hard this week to think of inspiring words of depth and integrity.  I want to write an article to enlighten the path for my colleagues to make it to the end of the semester. I fancy myself a motivational communicator and I'd love to summarize this time of year with the depth and emotion of a viral TED Talk!  (Giving a TED Talk is on my bucket list...by the way!)

But in the words of another viral video, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  If you're like me (and countless Facebook posts imply that you are) you are thread-bare and holding it together through the concerts, auditions, exams, pop shows, services, graduation, recitals, rehearsals, and countless other events.  You don't have time to read a lofty article.  You're just trying to make it to June in one piece. 

So here's my inspiration for your last stretch in a way that you have time to process and understand.  Memes!  You may have seen some of these before, but I hope they will give you another smile and a chuckle.  (Click here to view the image larger).

may collage
In June, when the smoke from the screeching tires of teacher's cars leaving the parking lot has cleared the air, we'll visit about future plans.  Plans like making sure that you have your reservations and registration for the incredible 61st TCDA Summer Convention.  Good things.  Like being part of the real-life, people meeting, interacting, mentoring, inspiring, music-selecting, sing-in singing, and Eric Whitacre-ing experience!

You will be depleted again next May. It's cyclical. It's predictable. It is a TCDA mission to fill your professional, personal, and musical tank so you can start overflowing with ideas and resources. You may be teaching on fumes now, but don't give up!!  Ain't nobody got time for that...

High School Student Day

TCDA is again offering a High School Leadership day during Convention on Saturday, July 23.  Consider having your student leaders participate in this impactful and transformative event for only $15 each!!  See all the details here.  Teachers register students for this within the Convention registration form.

Now a student leadership day offered in the DFW area! TCDA is offering a High School Day in the DFW area after convention on August 3 at Colleyville HS.  Speakers and schedule have been announced - find all the information on our website HERE!

Membership renewal for 2016 is underway. 

The TCDA membership year is Jan. 1 - Dec. 31.  Renew your membership now to ensure you don't miss a thing!  Click here to get started.

Convention Pre-registration and Hotel Housing is open!  Be sure to make your hotel reservations early to ensure you get what you need and want.  All the information you need will be on our website on the Convention page

Grand Hyatt is sold out!

2016 Festival Chorus

The Festival Chorus will be comprised of adult church choir singers from all around the state as well as outside of Texas.  Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity with Dr. Rosephanye Powell!
Registration is $45.  Complete information can be found here.

Candidates for the TCDA Board of Directors

The 2016 Board of Director positions to be voted on are: President Elect; Vice President, Church; Vice President, Elementary; and Vice President, College/Community.  Please introduce yourselt to the slate of candidates by visiting our website, Candidates.  Voting is online and open NOW!

In Memoriam

Please help us ensure we are aware of any of our colleagues that may have passed since the 2015 Convention.  We've created a simple and quick way for you to let us know.  Please click here to be directed to our website.


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TCDA Board of Directors 2015 - 2016
President - Kari Gilbertson, Richardson ISD
Past President - Billy Talley, Amarillo ISD
Vice President, HS - Thomas Rinn, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Vice President, MS/JH - Connie Horton, Conroe ISD
Vice President, Elem - Michele Hobizal, Katy ISD
Vice President, College/Community - Lynne Gackle, Baylor Univ
Vice President, Church - Josh Taylor, First Presbyterian Dallas
Secretary/Treasurer - Leigh Ann McClure, Keller ISD

Executive Director - Sharon Lutz
Member Services Coordinator - Hallie Boone

Texas Choral Directors Association
7900 Centre Park Drive, Suite A
Austin, TX  78754