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January 2016                                    Choral Notes

Volume 16
Winter 2016

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  1. Convention Pre-registration & Hotel housing opens on February 8
  2. Today's Choral Repertoire, by Lynne Gackle, VP College/Community
  3. 2016 Membership renewal, click here to get started
  4. 2016 Elementary Honor Choir information
  5. 2016 Festival Chorus Information
  6. 2016 Candidates for TCDA Board of Directors
  7. Nominate a great choral director for one of the TCDA prestigious awards!  More info here
  8. In Memoriam

Convention Pre-registration and Hotel Housing Opens on February 8!  Be sure to make your hotel reservations early to ensure you get what you need and want.  All the information you need will be on our website on the Convention page, http://www.tcda.net/convention.

Past, Present and Future: Today's Choral Repertoire by Lynne Gackle, VP College/Community

I am constantly amazed (and awed) by the choral repertoire hounds that I observe in my choral literature classes.  I laugh when they call themselves choral nerds.  These are future choral music educators who have such a love for choral music that their libraries (both physical and audio) are FILLED with new, creative and interesting choral works which are being written, published and recorded daily. Through the technology currently available to all of us, we have access to music (both print and recorded) from across the globe.  Young composers, emerging choral groups (check out Room Full of Teeth, the Lorelei Ensemble or Tenebrae, just to name a few), and fresh, creative music is literally only a click away! 

As a choral editor, I admit that I love the new the excitement of new concepts, the juxtaposition of different pallets, texts and timbres.  I am always excited to see new manuscripts, with poignant and intriguing texts from recognized composers and those whose names are new.  (Often, just their birthdates are enough to totally AMAZE me 1990-what???)

However, over the past few years, it has become a concern for many in the profession that the standards from the choral canon are being performed less frequently, if they are performed at all.    Often, this is because they are either unavailable/out of print or becoming progressively unknown to many.   Some young teachers are not aware of much of the repertoire which was commonly found in the choral libraries of school, church and collegiate choirs for decades.

As educators, conductors and mentors of potential choral music educators we must ask ourselves, With all the new music available, do we have a responsibility to include music from the past the tried and true from years gone by?

I would argue unequivocally, yes!    The great masterworks and choral standards which have spoken into the culture of generations DESERVE to be brought into the lives of our singers in the 21st century.  The music of today, is influenced by the past. To sing the great choral works, connects us to our choral heritage.   Mostly importantly, there is the artistic thread which ties the human heart of today with those from hundreds of years ago. 

With all of the wonderful new literature that we see in reading sessions each year, let us not become so enamored of the new that lose sight of the intrinsic beauty and worth of those pieces which have stood the test of time.  Let us not forget that, whether through experiencing the innocent beauty of Bachs Bist du Bei Mir as a member of a childrens choir, or the beautiful waltz-like quality of of Handels And the Glory of the Lord from Messiah as a high school singer, or the playfulness of Certons chanson, Je ne lose dirai  as a middle school chorister, our students can learn much as singers and musicians. Their lives are made richer by experiencing the ageless beauty of the tapestry known as the choral art!

Membership renewal for 2016 is underway. 

The TCDA membership year is Jan. 1 - Dec. 31.  Renew your membership now to ensure you don't miss a thing!  Click here to get started.

2016 Elementary Honor Choir Information

Auditions open on February 1
Audition fee:  $15
Audition piece: Jubilate Deo
Conductor: Sally Knudson, Artistic Director of Norman's Children's Chorus
For complete details, please see our website, 2016 Honor Choir

2016 Festival Chorus

The Festival Chorus will be comprised of adult church choir singers from all around the state as well as outside of Texas. 
Registration opens on February 8; early bird registration is $35;  After May 1, registration is $45.  Complete information can be found here.

Candidates for the TCDA Board of Directors

The 2016 Board of Director positions to be voted on are: President Elect; Vice President, Church; Vice President, Elementary; and Vice President, College/Community.  Please introduce yourselt to the slate of candidates by visiting our website, Candidates.  Voting is online and will open after the TMEA Convention.

2016 TCDA Awards

Among the distinctive and highly regarded awards bestowed upon deserving individuals each year, two categories of awards are from nominees submitted by the TCDA membership: Texas Choral Excellence Award and the TCDA Young Director of Distinction.  Please go here to read more about the description of these awards and past recipients and to NOMINATE that special director!

In Memoriam

Please help us ensure we are aware of any of our colleagues that may have passed since the 2015 Convention.  We've created a simple and quick way for you to let us know.  Please click here to be directed to our website.


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TCDA Board of Directors 2015 - 2016
President - Kari Gilbertson, Richardson ISD
Past President - Billy Talley, Amarillo ISD
Vice President, HS - Thomas Rinn, Colleyville ISD
Vice President, MS/JH - Connie Horton, Conroe ISD
Vice President, Elem - Michele Hobizal, Katy ISD
Vice President, College/Community - Lynne Gackle, Baylor Univ
Vice President, Church - Josh Taylor, First Presbyterian Dallas
Secretary/Treasurer - Leigh Ann McClure, Keller ISD

Executive Director - Sharon Lutz
Member Services Coordinator - Hallie Boone

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