2020 TCDA Undergraduate Scholarship Award Recipients

TCDA is proud to support our membership through the distribution of scholarship awards. Because of the generous support of members and our business partners, we are able to award approximately $17,500 in undergraduate and professional scholarships this year. 


TCDA would like to congratulate the following individuals on being selected to receive one of this year’s Undergraduate Scholarships:

* Mary Ann & Art Winden Scholarship - Jeremy Brown, Texas Tech University

* James E. Matheny Scholarship - Ricky Carr, Dallas Baptist University

* General Scholarship - John Dubois, Texas Christian University

* Cloys Webb Scholarship - Armando Fuerte, Texas Tech University

* General Scholarship - Hannah Hatifeld, Dallas Baptist University

* William Gorham Scholarship - Gabrielle McCullough, University of Houston

* Past Presidents Scholarship - Ivan Rodriguez, Texas State University

* Jackie Cocke Scholarship - Emily Zenkner, University of Houston

We wish them all of the best as they continue their studies in choral and vocal music. 

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Named Scholarships

General Scholarships 

New Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship Awards were originally announced during the Second General Session of TCDA’s Virtual Summer Convention on July 24th, 2020.