2024 TCDA MS/JH All-State Choir

General Audition Information

Auditions opened on November 1, 2023. Directors must be current TCDA members to submit their students. Each director may submit as many singers as they like. Auditions are open to students who are currently in 7th or 8th grade. 6th graders whose voices have already transitioned to Tenor or Bass are also eligible to audition. Please see the detailed audition instructions HERE.

Expenses and Making Payments

The fees All State Choir members pay assists in TCDA's costs of hiring our guest clinician and accompanist. Additionally, it pays for each member to receive their sheet music, a tote bag, water bottle, video and audio recordings of the concert, and a t-shirt that will be worn during their performance. All fees are non-refundable. Expenses include:

Audition fee - $20
Registration fee - $120
Hotel/ Food/Transportation - arranged and paid for by participant’s family

The audition and registration fees may be paid online, by check, or by money order. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please make your payment out to TCDA and include your child’s full name in the memo line. Mail to:

Texas Choral Directors Association
MS/JH All-State Choir 2024
PO Box 50250 | Austin, Texas 78763

Financial Support

TCDA is proud to offer the Lou Leonard scholarship to Honor Choir participants each year. This scholarship helps cover the cost of registration and travel expenses. The scholarship application will be made available to students who are accepted into the choir in February.

Important Dates

Online auditions open November 1, 2023
Online auditions close / audition fee payment deadline January 15, 2024
Applicants are notified of audition results February 26, 2024
Registration fees are due March 17, 2024
Concert music sent to choir members late March/early April
Choir day 1 in San Antonio July 25, 2024
Choir day 2 in San Antonio July 26, 2024
Choir day 3 and closing concert in San Antonio July 27, 2024

Video Guide on Application and Audition Process

All audition information, music and rules to record auditions are listed in this document. Please follow all steps carefully. Failure to do so can result in the disqualification of a student’s application. For additional support, a demonstration video of acceptable recordings and how to submit students can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

The primary form of communication will be by email. More information regarding deadlines will be sent via email.  Music, rehearsal tracks, and a more detailed schedule will be sent in late March.

Texas Choral Directors Association
MS/JH All-State Choir 2024
PO Box 50250 | Austin, Texas 78763

For questions: 512-474-2801      [email protected]