Date/Time: Monday, January 4, 2021; 7:30AM - 2:35 PM

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7:30 - 8:15 AM

Early Bird Workshop 1 - Yoga and Breathing for Personal and Communal Care
Dr. Barbara Lamont, Clinician
Program Description: This clinic will be a participatory session where attendees will learn or reinforce physical and mental techniques for healthy minds and bodies! We will use yoga poses, stretches, breathing, and mindfulness in this session, and no prior experience with yoga is necessary. Teacher/conductors will be equipped to not only take care of themselves but to also offer their ensembles/classes ways to focus, energize, and prepare the body for singing. It is suggested that attendees wear comfortable clothing and watch in a space where they can move freely.

8:30 - 9:20 AM

Workshop 2 - Vocal Techniques for In Person and Virtual Learners: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Cynthia Douglas, clinician
Program Description: This session will highlight foundational vocal concepts and offer rehearsal strategies for supporting the healthy vocal growth of high school singers. Basic daily objectives and "tips" suitable for in person and virtual instruction will be shared, as well as some bonus tips on healthy "belt" technique for those of us currently working toward a pop show.


9:45 - 10:35 AM
(Concurrent Sessions)

Workshop 3 - Refresh & Renew: Repertoire and Rehearsal Ideas from Timothy Takach and Jocelyn Hagen
Jocelyn Hagen & Timothy Takach, clinicians
Program Description: Takach and Hagen will draw on their experiences as composers and publishers to provide new ideas and resources for your program. Discover new sources for independently published music--including Graphite Publishing, creative ideas on how to engage your students from a composer's perspective, and hear a few excepts of a cappella duets from this talented duo.
Workshop 4 - Funtivities for the Co-Seated Classroom
Ruben Castanuela, clinician
Program Description: Are you struggling to engage your remote and your in-person singers? With the use of Kahoot, Quizlet, and Quizziz I will show you how I have assets and engaged my MS Choir co-seated classroom.


11:00 - 11:50 AM
(Concurrent Sessions)

HS Reading Session 1 - Gems of the PML, Grades 2-3-4: Small Schools and "Building" Programs
Andrea Cruz, Justine Halamicek Falch, Rob Rogers & Ginger Storey, clinicians
Program Description: This reading session will include selected repertoire from the UIL PML Grades 2, 3, & 4 in treble, tenor-bass, and mixed voicings. Clinicians will share strategies and rehearsal tips/tricks that have worked well in their individual settings.

Workshop 5 - Meaningful Connections through Virtual Socials
Dr. Eunice Marrero, clinician
Program Description: In the times of "social distancing", establishing meaningful relationships with our students is vital. This session will provide tips and ideas on how to plan and host virtual socials with middle school choir students to build community within the choral program.


12:30 - 1:20 PM
(Concurrent Sessions)

HS Reading Session 2 - Tried & NEW: Covid Edition
Jesse Cannon II, Jennifer Gallagher & Arianna Sandoval, clinicians
Program Description: This reading session will include repertoire that has worked well for virtual and face-to-face synchronous rehearsals in high school choir.
MS/JH Reading Session - Repertoire for Synchronous Success
Kelly Moss, Gerald Nicholas, & Clint Hardy clinician; additional clinicians TBA
Program Description: This reading session will include repertoire that has worked well for virtual and face-to-face synchronous rehearsals in middle school/junior high choir. Clinicians will share strategies and rehearsal tips/tricks that have been successful in their individual settings during the fall semester. Voicings include unison, 2-part, 2/3/4-part, SA/SSA, and TB.


1:45 - 2:35 PM
(Concurrent Sessions)

Workshop 6 - Choir as Community: Fostering Human Connection in the Choral Classroom
Dr. Lynnel Jenkins & Dr. Nicholas McBride, clinicians
Program Description: The purpose of this session is to provide middle and high school choral directors with ideas and strategies for creating a stronger sense of community and human connection in the choral rehearsal. In response to the restrictions placed on student teachers due to COVID-19 and the resulting hiatus from choral singing in many communities, the presenters, Dr. Lynnel Joy Jenkins, Conductor of The Princeton Girlchoir, and Dr. Nick McBride, Assistant Professor of Music Education at The College of New Jersey, sought out a partnership between their organizations — a community youth choir and a college music education degree program. In tandem, they developed a new model for a choral music education pedagogy course; one that shifts the perspective from the college campus to the community, and that focuses on teaching choral music through a humanist philosophical lens. In an age of deep political polarization, social distancing, and assessment-driven teaching, the presenters share their vision and approach for fostering human connection through shared artistic endeavor and community engagement, while also addressing concepts such as empathy, inclusivity, and care through music and the arts.

Workshop 7 - If You Build It, They Will Stay - Retention Ideas from a PK-12 Panel
Kelsey Appleby, Julie Boettiger & Saleel Menon, clinicians
Program Description:  The future of a choral program can be measured by the recruitment and retention efforts of the community. Boettiger, Appleby, and Menon have put together a playbook of some of the most successful techniques and considerations for boosting the profile of choral programs and building singing communities from feedback across an entire district. Facilitating Elementary, Middle, and High Schools respectively in one of the biggest districts in the state, these teachers will address some tried and true ideas for retention from K-12 in a variety of school populations.