The 2014 TCDA Convention was a great success. Thank you for attending. For those of you who would like to order a group photo of the 2014 Honor Choir, please download the form and contact the photographer directly at Texas Group Photo.  Download form here.

Recordings, both a CD and a DVD, can be ordered directly from Soundwaves.  Please visit their website for details: Soundwaves

2014 Convention Schedule


W1 - Abracadabra
W2 - It's All About Connections
W3 - Programming for a Thematic Choral Concert
W4 - Leading Church Music in the 21st Century
W5 - The Quantum Choir
W6 - Creating an Exciting Choral Sound
W7 - Team Building Activities
W8 - First Day of Class
W9 - Handbell Discovery
W11 - In the Beginning
W12 - But, It's Just a Church Choir
W13 - The Office1; The Office 2; The Office 3
W14 - Candid Camera
W15 - Nature vs Nurture
W16 - Just Add Kids
W17 - Conductor's Forum
W18 - Speed Dating1; Speed Dating2; Speed Dating3; Speed Dating4; Speed Dating5; Speed Dating6
W19 - Modern Family
W20 - Meet the Composer
W21 - Empty Chairs, Empty Tables
W22 - iUse Technology
W23 - Major Works: From Concept to Completion
W24 - Toys in Action
W25 - The Amazing Race - Texas All-State
W26 - Do, Re, Mi, Fa SO Many Ways to Use Technology
W27 - Breaking Bad
W28 - Conduct Yourself Accordingly
W29 - Extreme Pop Show Makeover
W30 - Brazilian Composer Reginaldo Caravalho
W31 - From Repertoire to Rehearsal Pedagogy
W33 - Working with the Aging Voice