The 2014 TCDA Convention
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
July 27 – July 30, 201


2014 Festival Chorus

       Featuring Dan Forrest, composer
      Monday, JULY 28, 2014
      515 McCullough

      6:00 pm pre-service concert
      Austin Handbell Ensemble, Bob Avant, Conductor

The Festival Chorus will be comprised of adult church choir singers from all around the state as well as outside of Texas.  Church music directors are asked to invite singers with advanced musical skills and vocal technique from their choirs to participate in this special event.  Balanced SATB ensembles from each church are preferred.

High School Student Day

Monday, July 28, 2014
Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX - the Gallery (west of Ballroom A)



Jeremy Spicer, CEO, SASI                    Connie Sanchez, Veteran Teacher               Dr. Dan Forrest, Composer

2014 Convention Schedule


W1 - Abracadabra
W2 - It's All About Connections
W3 - Programming for a Thematic Choral Concert
W4 - Leading Church Music in the 21st Century
W5 - The Quantum Choir
W6 - Creating an Exciting Choral Sound
W7 - Team Building Activities
W8 - First Day of Class
W9 - Handbell Discovery
W10 - Among Friends; Tried and Proven
W11 - In the Beginning
W12 - But, It's Just a Church Choir
W13 - The Office1; The Office 2; The Office 3
W14 - Candid Camera
W15 - Nature vs Nurture
W16 - Just Add Kids
W17 - Conductor's Forum
W18 - Speed Dating1; Speed Dating2; Speed Dating3; Speed Dating4; Speed Dating5; Speed Dating6
W19 - Modern Family
W20 - Meet the Composer
W21 - Empty Chairs, Empty Tables
W22 - iUse Technology
W23 - Major Works: From Concept to Completion
W24 - Toys in Action
W25 - The Amazing Race - Texas All-State
W26 - Do, Re, Mi, Fa SO Many Ways to Use Technology
W27 - Breaking Bad
W28 - Conduct Yourself Accordingly
W29 - Extreme Pop Show Makeover
W30 - Brazilian Composer Reginaldo Caravalho
W31 - From Repertoire to Rehearsal Pedagogy
W32 - Tried & True
W33 - Working with the Aging Voice